Fungus Removal

Yesterday I overheard an infomercial for treatment to remove nail fungus. I was waiting in the same room as the people watching it on a phone.  According to the ad, big pharma is fighting “tooth and nail” (pun intended?) to keep this stuff off the shelf. The suggested price was $299; $99 if you order in the next 30 minutes,  and some other pressure tactic that lowered it to $69. That’s still a lot for a few grams of something supposedly legal.

For me, the fact that it’s advertised on YouTube is reason enough to call bullshit. But, maybe there is good reason to challenge my thinking on this. I don’t mean challenging the conclusion that this stuff is bullshit. Obviously it is. I mean using reasoning to get there without resorting to looking stuff up.

Start with something everyone knows:  mushrooms are a type of fungus. Mushrooms thrive in dank environments, often surrounded by manure. If fungus is growing on your nails then you have created an environment where fungus can thrive. As long as that environment is sustained no product can help.

Someone once told me that peeing on your feet cites athlete’s foot, which is also a type of fungus. I’m not sure if this works or why it would, but it’s at least worth a try before spending 70 bucks on infomercial garbage.

And lastly, I don’t know, maybe try going to the doctor.  Of course,  the infomercial has tried to brainwash you into thinking your doctor brainwashed you,  but in light of everything that medical science has accomplished,  maybe a visit to a walk -in clinic is cheaper and more effective?


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