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Typically, I like to spend part of my morning doing the modern equivalent of reading the paper. I have a couple of go- to blogs and twitter accounts that usually link to interesting stories.  If it’s a slow day for them there is always Google news.

But lately I’ve started to worry that this routine is holding me back. It’s just consumption with no output. The content is usually pretty good so it’s not junk food,  but it’s still mindless eating.

What if there was a new routine?  Production instead of consumption.  That’s what this piece is.  Admittedly it’s not particularly good. Is it better than nothing?

Probably not.  There is nothing in this post that hasn’t been expressed more eloquently somewhere else,  so not much value to the reader here.  Similarly,  the writing is probably sloppy which means I’m not personally benefiting. I’m not really getting better at writing or clarifying my thoughts. Assuming I would otherwise be reading quality content, we would all be better off if I had just followed my regular routine today.

But,  what about the long term? What if a year goes by and every morning is dedicated to writing and thinking instead of mindlessly “reading?” Production instead of consumption as part of the daily routine.  By then I would expect clearer thoughts and expression.  Maybe even some ideas worth other people’s time to read.

Stay tuned.


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