Reaction to Trump

It’s impossible to avoid any of this, at least if you want to participate in modern society. I’ve seen a change.Org petition to have the electoral college vote in Hillary, some British guy ranting about how it’s the left’s fault that Hillary lost,  and a whole bunch of speculative bs about what could happen.

First,  the change.Org petition is never going to work so don’t waste your time with it.  Why would any one who had done whatever you need to do to become a member of the electoral college give a damn about a bunch of jackoff online protesters? Even if all of them did, they face a prisoner’s dilemma with each other.  Some people say the petition is still worth a shot, but this ignores the opportunity cost. If you found this petition, you probably found it on Facebook.  If you were on Facebook, you probably wasted a good 20 minutes of your day looking at unrelenting Trump-related garbage while making no tangible change.  The petition isn’t really for the purpose of changing the election outcome,  it’s for giving people a rationale for saying ‘at least I tried.’ That’s bullshit.  You clicked a link and signed your name; no real effort involved.

Second, the guy saying the left is to blame for Hillary’s loss is 100% correct. Putting aside the data that support his conclusion,  blaming anyone else is basically saying ‘it’s the other team’s fault that we lost.’ Picking the numbers back up,  they show that in every minority voter category,  Trump out performed Romney while Hillary underachieved relative to Obama. The numbers also show that many Democrat voters simply left the president choice blank.  I’m open to interpretations as to how this situation isn’t the left’s fault, but I’m moving on to a more important question: who cares?

The issue of who is to blame for Hillary’s loss only matters to people who are to blame but need to blame someone else to keep their jobs,  i.e. Hillary’s campaign team.

As to all the speculation about what Trump could do, it only matters if it’s a starting point for preparing a response. The default, I assume, is to oppose his policies at every step and to the greatest extent possible. It follows then that you need to figure out what policies you want so that you don’t blindly oppose something you actually agree with. Seriously,  it could happen. You won’t know until you figure out what you want.

Then you need a plan for opposing the policies you disagree with. First, assemble a team. If you can convince them to work for free you’ll need at least one lawyer and one PR person. In addition,  you’ll need a bunch of warm bodies who will raise these issues at every opportunity. This first step is never really complete.

Next,  you’ll need some money. Probably not much, but raise as much as you can. Start a kickstarter, start a PAC, start a kickstarter for your PAC, have a bake sale,  whatever. A prerequisite to raising money is having a budget for how to spend it.  You’ll need office supplies, a fed ex account, maybe a corporate entity, and some other stuff.

And, of course, you need action. Protests alone won’t accomplish much, but as part of a broader strategy they can be effective. If they focus attention on your issue then it’s not focused somewhere else. But you need more than just protests. You need someone with good writing skills doing blog posts,  letters to the editor, and pushing your narrative all day every day. You need a list of every politician in your area,  from city to county to state to federal, and you need someone calling,  writing,  faxing, e mailing them all day every day.

You’ll need some legal expertise.  This person needs to be plugged in to the federal register,  the office of management and budget, all past and future executive orders, and all the state and local equivalents of these things.  He or she will need to advise you as to how to respond.  Theoretically this person could be a volunteer,  but if you want it done well you should be prepared to pay.

That’s probably a sufficient guide to getting started.  If you’re not up for it then try to join an organization that’s already engaged with this process.


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