The little seed – a silly children’s story

Once upon a time there was a little seed. He lived inside a great big orange orange. All of his brother and sister seeds lived inside the orange too.

The little seed’s brothers and sisters used to tease him. “One day we will get planted and grow up to be huge orange trees,” they said. “But not you little seed.  You’ll just get thrown in the trash and taken to the dump.”

The little seed ignored their teasing and instead focused on being himself.

One day a little girl decided to eat the orange where the little seed lived. She spat out the brother and sister seeds because they were too bitter.  But, the little seed was sweet because he stayed true to himself, so the little girl accidentally swallowed him.

The little girl didn’t know how to use the potty yet,  but (much to her parent’s dismay) she loved to poop outside in the garden.  The little seed traveled through her digestive system until one day she was pooping in the garden and the little seed came out at the top of a big,  streaming pile of poop!  There he stayed absorbing nutrients and water,  slowly growing into an orange tree.  The years went by and the little seed grew until he brought delicious joy to the little girl and her family.  Every summer they say outside together eating his oranges.


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