Pommodoro and productivity

During the 5 minute break,  practice the art of doing nothing. Or at least during the f first 5 minute break.  Otherwise it’s far too easy to get blown off course.  My system is to use the 3 mindful alignments. I have a paper explaining the alignments trapped to my wall,  but from what I can remember:

1. Sit up straight or stand,
2. Breathe deeply (I also recommend a “whispered exhale”)
3. Focus on something simple, eg. Clouds

At the end it suggests smiling inwardly to yourself,  which is supposed to engage the limbic system.

Anyway,  so far this pommodoro technique has been pretty revolutionary for me,  but clearly I’m struggling to organize my thoughts about it. As I continue to write about it in small chunks,  hopefully some themes will emerge.